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Wedding Speech Guide - Introduction

How to use the wedding speech guide

How to use this guide | Introduction

If you have the time then you should start by reading sequentially through, from the beginning. This will give you a good grounding before you start to prepare your speech. If there are any sections that contain information you are already familiar with then skim over these, but don't ignore completely - you may still learn something!

Each section of the guide covers important topics that will ensure that you are properly prepared to give your wedding speech.

Wedding Speech Etiquette

  • Learn the timing of the speeches - formal, informal and buffet weddings
  • Understand the Toastmaster's duties and if there is no Toastmaster which duties will typically fall to the best man
  • Learn who says what and when - it is important that you understand what you are expected to say
  • Know the difference between a speech and a toast and who you should toast
  • Learn how to deal with surprise announcements to avoid embarrassment or causing offence

Wedding Speech Preparation

  • Learn how to effectively plan and prepare your wedding speech
  • Tips on researching your speech and suggestions for content of your speech
  • Learn how long your wedding speech should last, depending on the type of wedding
  • Understand how to structure your wedding speech - including tips on how to get started
  • Learn how to make your speech flow - speeches need to be written for speaking and not for reading!

Rehearse your Wedding Speech

  • Learn the techniques for effectively rehearsing your speech so that it flows logically and does not sound disjointed
  • Learn how to tell a great story
  • Understand how to use language with precision - an important topic to ensure your audience remains interested
  • Learn techniques to put emotion and feeling into your speech
  • Discover how to time a joke or funny anecdote

Conquer Your Wedding Speech Nerves

  • Learn proven techniques for overcoming nerves and anxiety
  • Tips on how to use nervous energy to your advantage
  • Tips for the really nervous

Deliver Your Wedding Speech With Charisma

  • Learn how to give a charismatic wedding speech
  • Exercises to improve your vocal delivery - achieve a "good voice"
  • Discover how to develop your presence - the audience will not take their eyes off of you!
  • Learn what to do with your hands
  • Tips on good posture

If you have only a very short time to prepare your speech then I suggest that you refer to the sample speeches and find the most suitable template. Try to modify this by adding some personal touches, but you can use these samples and simply change the names. If you have any spare time then refer to the sections on rehearsal and delivery - and practise!. Even if you only have a spare hour, this is a worthwhile exercise.

Of course, if you are somewhere in the middle then you can take one of the sample speeches and spend a little more time researching to personalize it. Don't forget to put in some rehearsal time!

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